Many years ago the Harmony company produced a ukulele on which was inscribed: Music self-played is happiness self-made. That is as true now as it was in the 1920s. Whether you’re a ukulele novice or a seasoned strummer, if you’re in the British Columbia lower mainland, the Vancouver ukulele community is for you! King of the Ukulele, Ralph Shaw, founded the oldest ukulele club in Canada. We have carried on his vision for 24 years. We have evolved into several groups now, all of them based on the premise that holding a ukulele in your hands gives you licence to sing.

You say you can’t sing and can barely play? NO PROBLEM! Quality is not an issue. We all do this for fun. Sing as loud and free as you like because everyone else is doing the same.

These groups are not scary or intimidating, and have the whole range of playing abilities, including people who don’t play the uke at all but for some reason like hearing a roomful of them. You’re welcome to come and lurk or come and join in.

So experience the folk music of the new millennium. Ukulele is where it’s at!

Where are people meeting:

Several local groups announce their meetings to the vanukes mailing list. Find a group that interests you on our Around Town page.

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Beer Ukes evening, led by Heather
A night at Beer-Ukes

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Events that you are welcome to attend are announced in mailings to the Vanukes googlegroup mailing list. If you’d like to be on the list, contact us at Contact us ( giving your name, location, and your interest in the group (enough to make it clear that you’re a real person, local enough to attend our meetings, and not a spammer).

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