Here are some files of interest to our members

Boswell’s Vellum article

This is Boswell’s trip report about his experiences at the 2007 Portland Ukulele Festival, including a description of the class Ralph taught.

Christmas for Cowboys

Lyrics and chords for the tune Cynthia sang at the 2008 Christmas party. This is a pdf document.

Easter Parade

Words and chords for the song Easter Parade (“In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it …”). This song is sung, accompanied by ukulele, to open the Cherry Blossom Easter Parade every year in Vancouver.


The letter Lorene Ruymer wrote to the Vancouver Sun Travel Section, published on Saturday, November 12, 2005 (page H9), in which Lorene “has a bone to pick with The Sun’s story on Hawaii – her favourite instrument was left out”. Interesting history of the steel guitar and Lorene’s own story. There’s a great photo of Lorene at age 16 with her band.

O Canada – Uke Games 2010

O Canada, we play our ukes for you. Here are the words and chords.

Portland Uke Fest 2006 Survey

This is the survey Wendy completed after the Portland Uke Fest 2006, made available to give you an idea what a great festival it was and convince you to attend. Check out this year’s festival details at .


Leon Redbone singing Shine On Harvest Moon, with the intro that’s in our songbooks
2,278 kb

Surrey Ukuleles – article in The Leader

Article about the Surrey Ukulele group led by Gary Cyr. The article was written by VUC member by Boaz Joseph, published in the Surrey Leader July 06, 2011.

Uke Chord Chart Template

This is a Word document with empty uke chord chart thingies. You can fill up the page with chords you want, or copy a diagram thingy to a tune page that’s in Word format. There are dots you can copy too, to position on the chart for the finger positions.

Ukes across the sea – article in The Vellum, Autumn 2006

Article in “The Official Magazine of The George Formby Society”, written by Alan Southworth of Lancashire, England, after his visit to our meeting in May, 2006.

Ukulele Circle strikes chord with beginners and pros

Article in the Vancouver Courier February 20, 2014.

Yusuke Kawakami article in The Province July 9, 2006

This is a pdf file of the 2-page article about Yusuke that appeared in The Province, complete with the photos.