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Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – September 20, 2016

Hello Strummers! Indeed it is true. The Vancouver Ukulele Circle turned 16 years old today and that fact totally slipped my mind. Oh well, maybe this is a good time to mention that next month is October and that means Halloween and Spook-a-lele so start thinking about your costume! Tonight was one of those times […]

Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – August 16, 2016

It’s so interesting to me how every performance time at the Vancouver Ukulele Circle seems to have a flavor all its own. Last month I couldn’t get a full slate of people to perform. Then along comes this month and not only was there a full slate but it all seemed to be made up […]

Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – July 19, 2016

Hello Strummers! It strikes me that for any event all you need to do is add the letters a-lele onto the end and it immediately becomes an altogether more warm, more friendly and more festive get together. Marnie of the Rogue Folk Club certainly gets the concept. Whether it’s Rogue-a-lele, Valentine’s Luv-a-lele or the Christmas […]

Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – June 21, 2016

Summer is officially here and with a full moon on the wane I notice some wonderful summer madness in the June night air. Our usual variety show was definitely not short on variety! Btw. A shout out here to the two lovely women who drove all the way up here from Hood River Oregon just […]

Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – May 17, 2016

Hello Strummers, It’s so neat when people travel halfway around the world and make a point of dropping in to see us. We had two of those tonight and, while both are here to take the Alaskan cruise, they made it their business to come and strum with us at the St. James Hall: Les […]

Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – April 19, 2016

Hello Strummers! Before you all started to arrive this evening there was a bit of debate among myself and some Rogue folk volunteers over whether the good weather would make for a lower attendance. Well it didn’t. As always you managed to pack the place with your great vibes and vibrant sounds. Fabulous concert. It […]

Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – Tuesday March 15, 2016

Aw Begorrah! Twas a fine night indeed!! It really was. The new songs were all enjoyable but it was the call and response fun of What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor (only 2 chords) that really kicked some serious butt. I want to thank people for jumping up and leading other songs too: […]

Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – Tuesday February 16, 2016

Hello Strummers – Here’s my Luv-a-Lele Report!! Love was in the air for sure. It was nice to meet some “old flames” who I haven’t seen in a while: long time uke circle strummers, Cynthia and Ruth blessed me with their beautiful presences. We had a much longer 1st half than usual. This was totally […]

Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – Tuesday January 19, 2016

We had songs tonight that celebrated 2 great humans who passed away recently. They are the world famous David Bowie and the Uke-Circle famous Russ Mackay. Although there was a bit of sadness there it didn’t spoil the fun and laughter of another splendid night that Russ would have been tickled pink to enjoy had […]

Vancouver Ukulele Circle Meeting – Tuesday December 15, 2015

It was FUUUN! Hello Strummers! Everything went well tonight, indeed, you might say the evening slid along as smoothly as an inflatable teflon sled on warm buttered runners. Big THANK YOU to Marnie who spent hours with her hot-glue gun putting together many of the glorious decorations. She was also responsible for most of the […]